12th International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (CCSEIT 2023)

February 26 ~ 27, 2023, Vancouver, Canada

"CyberArk Privileged Session Management: Strengthening Security and Accountability"

Companies of all sizes have prioritized protecting critical data and assets as a top priority in today's digital environment. As cybercrime incidents increase, organizations must develop a comprehensive security plan that encompasses potential vulnerabilities; with Privileged Session Management (PSM) offering advanced safeguarding measures against data breach attacks through managing Privileged Access Sessions in an organization's cybersecurity. CyberArk PSM offers advanced protection of Privileged Sessions against breaches while safeguarding those with special access credentials in an effort to keep breaches to an absolute minimum; making Privileged Access the weak link and cyber criminal targets exploitable; CyberArk PSM provides sophisticated measures against potential attacks on these vulnerabilities so organizations must establish comprehensive strategies against all vulnerabilities; Privileged Session Management (PSM).

CyberArk is a pioneer in providing privileged access management solutions, and their flagship product PSM has received wide market adoption. PSM serves to add extra protection against attackers attempting to access sensitive data through compromised accounts by monitoring and controlling privileged sessions in real time, guaranteeing only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information.

CyberArk PSM's chief strength lies in its ability to establish a secure and isolated connection between its user and target system, achieved via use of Secure Shell (SSH) proxy gateway technology - this ensures all privileged sessions remain encrypted with no risk of leakage of sensitive information to potential attackers; additionally it features a comprehensive audit trail which enables organizations to keep an eye on all actions performed by each user on each session.

CyberArk PSM's primary feature is providing fine-grained control over privileged sessions. Organizations using CyberArk PSM can establish tailored policies and access controls based on each user's roles and privileges to reduce internal threat, ensure their job responsibilities have access to only those resources required of them, as well as use multi-factor authentication to further safeguard privileged sessions.

CyberArk PSM features advanced automation features that reduce manual effort required to administer privileged sessions, enabling organizations to establish workflows which trigger automated actions based on specific events or conditions - potentially increasing overall efficiency while mitigating risks related to human error and simplifying administration of privileged sessions.

Proper training and knowledge are crucial in fully taking advantage of CyberArk PSM capabilities, making the Hyderabad training facility invaluable to organizations throughout India. Training provides individuals and organizations alike with all of the skills and knowledge needed to effectively deploy, administer and troubleshoot CyberArk PSM platform; including certification programs as well as hands-on instruction covering advanced troubleshooting and installation capabilities.

Training incorporates real-world scenarios and best practices, providing participants with a complete overview of PSM.

CyberArk Privileged Session Management (PSM) is an essential solution for organizations attempting to strengthen their cybersecurity posture, as it minimizes data breaches and other types of internal threats by offering multiple layers of protection and control over privileged accounts and sessions. Organizations or individuals interested in safeguarding and controlling Privileged Sessions by enrolling in cyberark training in Hyderabad will gain the skills and expertise required for successfully managing PSM.